Strand Bamboo Flooring Buying Guide

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There are many reasons why strand bamboo flooring gains more and more popularity these days. From the strand bamboo flooring pros and cons you have read before, you may find strand bamboo flooring durability is one ultimate reason why this natural material flooring type is highly popular in demand. And if you are interested with bamboo floor, we have some useful information to guide and help you shopping.

In general, there are two models of strand bamboo flooring: solid-bamboo planks and engineered planks. Typically, engineered bamboo is installed using the floating-floor method. This method snaps the wide planks together and lays them over a thin foam-rubber under-laymen. The installation goes fast since the flooring is not attached to the sub-floor. On the other hand, solid-bamboo plank is installed in similar manner to traditional hardwood one. The bamboo floor is fastened down with staples or nails, either with or without mastic. The methods take more time—usually they can be twice as long as the floating-floor installation. However, the installations produce a permanent and rock-solid floor. Both solid and engineered planks are available pre-finished. Therefore, you can carry in the furniture as soon as the last plank is installed.

Another important consideration when you buy strand bamboo flooring is the cost. Usually, solid-bamboo flooring ranges between about $2 and $4 per square foot. On the other hand, engineered bamboo costs between $3 and $7 per square foot. The price of bamboo flooring is usually based on the thickness of the bamboo flooring.

When you are on the market for strand bamboo flooring, you can also pay attention to warranties as an indicator of quality. The most expensive and best floors usually come with longer warranties against premature wearing, delamination, and manufacturing defects. However, you don’t have to go for the most expensive options if your budget cannot afford them.

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Strand Bamboo Flooring Buying Guide
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